Test Environment for VoIP Networks (TestEnv)

"One tool to rule them all."

The Test Environment for VoIP Networks (TestEnv) is a framework for automated black box tests.

This can be regression, sanity, product verfication, and security tests. Therefore TestEnv provides a general testing structure with test suites, test goups and test cases as well as basic functionallities like logging and a protocol of the test results. The test scenarios like SIP calls or port scans are added into TestEnv as modules. A module can also be an interface to an external tool which allows to automate tests with different tools easily. Currently TestEnv modules for a number of external tools are available.

TestEnv is using a typical test structure: Every test suite contains a number of test groups consisting of different test cases. The test suite is defined in XML. For every test case a number of test users can be defined which will be inserted into the database at runtime and can be used in the test cases. The generated accounts are deleted automatically at the end of a test case. As an alternative predefined user accounts can be used, too. This might be necessary to test live systems.

A test suite is started by a shell command. To make it a real automatic test environment after every test suite a protocol is generated which is sent with all log files created during the tests to the test administrator per email. These two features---the shell command together with the mailing of test protocols---allow automatic periodical tests e.g. defined by a cron job.

Main features:

  • Test structure: test suites, test groups, test cases
  • Flexible module system to include external test tools
  • Automatic test protocol generation for every test suite
  • Email to tester with test results, test protocol and log files
  • Automatic test user generation and removal
  • Fast adaption of new db schemes by using database adapters
  • Separtion of test logic and configuration to get reusable test cases
  • Multi-threaded test execution allows to run several test modules parallel
  • XML-RPC control to run remote test tools

The current development is in a beta status.

For further information please visit the project website at sorceforge.net:

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