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TestCase TestGroup TestSuite DummyTestCase TestBlacklistKnown TestBlacklistUnknown TestClirBasic TestBasic4Users TestBasic4UsersVpn TestBasicBusy TestBasicBusyVpn TestBasicCall TestBasicCallVpn TestBasicCancel TestBasicCancelVpn TestBasicDecline TestBasicDeclineVpn TestBasicPcap TestBasicPcapVpn TestPstnBasic TestPstnBasicVpn TestPstnCountryCode TestPstnCountryCodeVpn TestPstnLocalAreaCode TestPstnLocalAreaCodeVpn TestForwardCancelPstn TestForwardCancelVoip TestForwardBusyPstn TestForwardBusyVm TestForwardBusyVoip TestForwardNoAnswerPstn TestForwardNoAnswerVm TestForwardNoAnswerVoip TestForwardOfflinePstn TestForwardOfflineVm TestForwardOfflineVoip TestForwardUnconditionalPstn TestForwardUnconditionalVm TestForwardUnconditionalVoip TestImsBasic TestNatBoth TestNatCallee TestNatCaller TestPrepaidBasic TestPrepaidCancel TestPrepaidClir TestPrepaidReinviteCaller TestPrepaidReinviteError TestRegister TestRegisterVpn TestSpeedDial TestWhitelistKnown TestWhitelistUnknown TestPerformance TestProtos TestApplicationFlooding TestApplicationFloodingVpn TestDhcpExhaustion TestDhcpExhaustionVpn TestExploitOs TestExploitOsVpn TestFragmentation TestFragmentationVpn TestFuzzing TestFuzzingVpn TestIcmpSmurfFlooding TestIcmpSmurfFloodingVpn TestTcpSynFlooding TestTcpSynFloodingVpn TestUdpFlooding TestUdpFloodingVpn TestFuzzing TestFuzzingVpn TestInviteFlooding TestInviteFloodingAuth TestInviteFloodingAuthVpn TestInviteFloodingBursts TestInviteFloodingBurstsVpn TestInviteFloodingVpn TestTcpSynFlooding TestTcpSynFloodingVpn TestUdpFlooding TestUdpFloodingVpn TestCallEavesdropping TestCallEavesdroppingVpn TestNumberHarvesting TestNumberHarvestingVpn TestTftpSniffing TestTftpSniffingVpn TestTouchToneExtraction TestTouchToneExtractionVpn TestFirewalking TestFirewalkingVpn TestRawPacket TestRawPacketVpn TestBanner TestBannerVpn TestDnsZoneTransfer TestDnsZoneTransferVpn TestFinger TestFingerVpn TestFtp TestFtpVpn TestHttp TestHttpVpn TestNfs TestNfsVpn TestNis TestNisVpn TestRpc TestRpcVpn TestRwhoRusers TestRwhoRusersVpn TestSmtp TestSmtpVpn TestSnmp TestSnmpVpn TestTftp TestTftpVpn TestAutoOptions TestAutoOptionsVpn TestBanner TestBannerVpn TestInvite TestInviteVpn TestOptions TestOptionsVpn TestRegister TestRegisterVpn TestTftpServer TestTftpServerVpn TestDnsZoneTransfer TestDnsZoneTransferVpn TestTracerouting TestTraceroutingVpn TestAllCalls TestAllCallsVpn TestArpPoisoning TestArpPoisoningVpn TestBreakSipAuth TestBreakSipAuthVpn TestCallSwap TestCallSwapVpn TestDropCall TestDropCallVpn TestEttercap TestEttercapVpn TestIdSpoofing TestIdSpoofingVpn TestListeningAudio TestListeningAudioVpn TestLostCall TestLostCallVpn TestManInTheMiddle TestManInTheMiddleVpn TestMixingAudio TestMixingAudioVpn TestPishing TestPishingVpn TestReboot TestRebootVpn TestRedirectCall TestRedirectCallVpn TestRedirectNotExist TestRedirectNotExistVpn TestRedirectRandom TestRedirectRandomVpn TestRedirectRogue TestRedirectRogueVpn TestRegistrationAddition TestRegistrationAdditionVpn TestRegistrationHijack TestRegistrationHijackVpn TestRegistrationRemoval TestRegistrationRemovalVpn TestRogueProxy TestRogueProxyVpn TestTeardown TestTeardownVpn TestArpRedirect TestArpRedirectVpn TestBroadcastSniffing TestBroadcastSniffingVpn TestCdp TestCdpVpn TestDsniff TestDsniffVpn TestEttercap TestEttercapVpn TestIgrp TestIgrpVpn TestMib TestMibVpn TestPhenoelit TestPhenoelitVpn TestRipSpoofing TestRipSpoofingVpn TestSnmpRequestAndTrap TestSnmpRequestAndTrapVpn TestTcpdump TestTcpdumpVpn TestTftpDownload TestTftpDownloadVpn TestBrowsing TestBrowsingVpn TestExternalAccess TestExternalAccessVpn TestLocalhost TestLocalhostVpn TestTelnet TestTelnetVpn TestApache TestApacheVpn TestBruteForce TestBruteForceVpn TestBufferOverflow TestBufferOverflowVpn TestDnsHijink TestDnsHijinkVpn TestDnsTsigOverflow TestDnsTsigOverflowVpn TestFormatString TestFormatStringVpn TestFtp TestFtpVpn TestIntegerOverflow TestIntegerOverflowVpn TestNfs TestNfsVpn TestOpenSslOverflow TestOpenSslOverflowVpn TestPromiscuousMode TestPromiscuousModeVpn TestRpc TestRpcVpn TestSendmail TestSendmailVpn TestSnmpBufferOverflow TestSnmpBufferOverflowVpn TestSshInsecurity TestSshInsecurityVpn TestValidation TestValidationVpn TestXInsecurity TestXInsecurityVpn TestBanner TestBannerVpn TestDirectScan TestDirectScanVpn TestFwDeduction TestFwDeductionVpn TestRouteTrace TestRouteTraceVpn TestSnmpFwIdentification TestSnmpFwIdentificationVpn TestDig TestDigVpn TestTraceroute TestTracerouteVpn TestCiscoBanner TestCiscoBannerVpn TestNmap TestNmapVpn TestOsIdentification TestOsIdentificationVpn TestActiveOsDetection TestActiveOsDetectionVpn TestArpPing TestArpPingVpn TestIcmpQuery TestIcmpQueryVpn TestPassiveOsDetection TestPassiveOsDetectionVpn TestPingSweep TestPingSweepVpn TestPortScan TestPortScanVpn TestSnmpSweep TestSnmpSweepVpn TestStackFingerprint TestStackFingerprintVpn TestTcpPingSweep TestTcpPingSweepVpn

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Detailed Description

This abstract class is the parent class for test units and test suites.

It provides general functionallity.

Enrico Hartung <enrico@iptel.org>

Definition at line 27 of file TestUnit.py.

Public Member Functions

def __init__
 Basic constructor of all test units.
def setLogFilePath
 Sets log file path for this object as well as for its sub objects.
def getLogFilePath
 Return log file path.
def init
 This function is expected to be overridden by the child class.
def getName
 Returns name of this test unit.
def setName
 Sets name of this test unit.
def getDescription
 Returns description of this test unit.
def setDescription
 Sets description of this test unit.
def setSetupManager
 Sets setupManager object.
def setServices
 Sets services.
def getSetupManager
 Gets setupManager object.
def getServices
 Gets a list of services.

Private Attributes


Static Private Attributes

string __name = "test"
string __description = "This is a test."
dictionary __attributes = {}
string __logFilePath = ""
 __setupManager = None
list __services = []

Member Function Documentation

def __init__ (   self  ) 

Basic constructor of all test units.

Reimplemented in TestCase, TestGroup, and TestSuite.

Definition at line 52 of file TestUnit.py.

def setLogFilePath (   self,

Sets log file path for this object as well as for its sub objects.

path path to log files (string)

Definition at line 66 of file TestUnit.py.

def getLogFilePath (   self  ) 

Return log file path.

log file path (string)

Definition at line 76 of file TestUnit.py.

def init (   self  ) 

This function is expected to be overridden by the child class.

Reimplemented in TestCase, TestGroup, and TestSuite.

Definition at line 84 of file TestUnit.py.

def getName (   self  ) 

Returns name of this test unit.

name of this test unit (string)

Definition at line 94 of file TestUnit.py.

def setName (   self,

Sets name of this test unit.

name name of this test unit (string)

Definition at line 104 of file TestUnit.py.

def getDescription (   self  ) 

Returns description of this test unit.

description of this test unit (string)

Definition at line 114 of file TestUnit.py.

def setDescription (   self,

Sets description of this test unit.

description description of this test unit (string)

Definition at line 124 of file TestUnit.py.

def setSetupManager (   self,

Sets setupManager object.

setupManager manager for setting the environment (testenv.core.TestSetupManager)

Definition at line 134 of file TestUnit.py.

def setServices (   self,

Sets services.

services a list of services (list of testenv.core.TestService)

Definition at line 144 of file TestUnit.py.

def getSetupManager (   self  ) 

Gets setupManager object.

manager for setting the environment (testenv.core.TestSetupManager)

Definition at line 154 of file TestUnit.py.

def getServices (   self  ) 

Gets a list of services.

list of services (list of testenv.core.TestService)

Definition at line 164 of file TestUnit.py.

Member Data Documentation

string __name = "test" [static, private]

Definition at line 30 of file TestUnit.py.

string __description = "This is a test." [static, private]

Definition at line 33 of file TestUnit.py.

dictionary __attributes = {} [static, private]

Definition at line 36 of file TestUnit.py.

string __logFilePath = "" [static, private]

Definition at line 39 of file TestUnit.py.

__setupManager = None [static, private]

Reimplemented in TestCase.

Definition at line 42 of file TestUnit.py.

list __services = [] [static, private]

Definition at line 45 of file TestUnit.py.

__logFilePath [private]

Definition at line 53 of file TestUnit.py.

__attributes [private]

Definition at line 54 of file TestUnit.py.

__name [private]

Definition at line 105 of file TestUnit.py.

__description [private]

Definition at line 125 of file TestUnit.py.

__services [private]

Definition at line 145 of file TestUnit.py.

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