Test suites

A test suite consists of a number of test cases structured into test groups.

The test structure is generated from an XML file.

Running an existing test suite

To run an existing test suite, open the test suite XML file and adapt the configuration to your system (some test cases overwrite the configuration, so check the whole XML file).

If TestEnv is installed on the system and run:

 # testenv -s [TEST_SUITE_NAME]

If TestEnv is not installed go to the directory containing TestEnv and run:

 # ./testenv.py -s [TEST_SUITE_NAME]

Creating a test suite

  1. Create new XML file
  2. Add test suite configuration
     <testsuite name="example">
                            <subject>Test Environment</subject>
  3. Add test groups
     <testgroup name="dialing">
  4. Add test cases
     <testcase name="TestBasicCall" uri="features.dialing.basic_call">

For complete reference of possible XML elements see XML parser documentation.

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